Everyone has his or her season don’t you think? A season that they feel they can personally relate to; a season that their eyes seem to match; a season that feels like home…

 Well, we love autumn at studio! It feels like a glorious glass slipper sliding effortlessly onto our fashionably royal feet.

 Not only is it colorful and wonderful and a moment in time that is all about balance - It’s one of the more understanding seasons when it comes to fashion. 

 Some definitely disagree. I had a chat amongst a few friends over coffee and they said they felt that autumn was kind of like the totally confusing part of dating - where you find yourself unsure weather you are progressing and this strange period of time will soon lead to winter evenings spent wrapped up in each other, drinking tea on cold, snuggly Sundays; or, if it’s nothing more than a confusing, romantic fling, coming and going like the changing leaves.

 Autumn is definitely a little baffling!  It’s not about simplicity, that’s for sure… but that’s honestly what makes it so fabulous!! It’s exciting and different. It’s the butterflies and the uncertainty… ‘Will this terribly chilly morning morph into a gloriously warm afternoon?’  It’s the exciting part of dating guys! It’s the experience we take for granted; to enjoy both the heat and the cold; the jeans and the singlet; the hot chocolate and the ice cream; the knee-high boots and the stiletto’s!

 In regards to color scheme this autumn – not much is changing. Think deep shades, think monochromatic mixes and think bold splashes. But even if the artists and their palettes are not altering – the artwork definitely is!

 It’s all about elegance and femininity with an edgy bohemian vibe and if you have been keeping an eye on the runway, you’ll notice the au natural ‘winter rose’ look that designers are literally obsessed with! Lace dresses with pastel backgrounds are huge this season, (Lace in general is huge kids – get on that ASAP!) alongside wide-legged pants, glossy ankle boots, statement jackets and polished midi skirts. It’s a style I would refer to as ‘folklore romanticism with a modern edge’.

 Allow us to introduce you to our dreamy influences for the season…