Studio Agency is a full service fashion wholesale and distribution company offering sales, distribution, development + marketing to our clients. Launched into the Australian fashion industry in 2007 by founder Zoi Safiya Vafias (Condoleon), our philosophy is this: consumer demand = product = brand = success. Zoi’s history in fashion + business started from a very early age and continues to develop as the years go on. Starting Studio at the age of an enthusiastic and determined 19 year old, she has established a strong sense for styling, great product knowledge and loves to challenge the norm. Zoi is still very hands on and manages a dedicated and hard-working team; all with the same work ethics and principles – to see that Studio Agency continues to grow and recreate itself.

The team at Studio Agency work cooperatively on certain projects but are mainly organised into specialised groups: wholesale, distribution and marketing. Our proactive team works cohesively to ensure all clients are provided with a tailored service to suit their individual and specific needs.

At Studio Agency, we work closely with our selected brands, ranging from high-end to commercial fast fashion and from international to local. We love what we do and always strive to ensure our brands create a strong market presence and retail representation based on our experience and creative new ideas. From humble beginnings, we understand the importance of never underestimating the value of all retail channels and new creative marketing tools to assist in building brand awareness and maximising the growth of a label – not just in short-term sales.


“I believe in our brands and I believe in our process and ability to provide results. Here at Studio. Agency we have some old school beliefs such as honesty, trust and loyalty and we always practice what we preach. We are not only a company, we are a family and family always comes first.”

 Zoi Safiya Vafias
 Founder + Director