+ || Festival Season || +

Here at Studio Agency, we are always so inspired by the wonderful images of different types of festival fashion circulating the web and with Splendour in the Grass coming up and Coachella just passed, our hearts are transfixed on the beautiful way people dress themselves for such events. I know some people often feel fashion at festivals can be quite cliché & second-hand, but if you know anything about anything, then you know that nothing is completely original and no matter how unique the dress or how absurd the accessorizing may be – it is above all, historic eras passed down from each and every generation before to create that exact look. So when it comes to fashion as festivals - I LOVE it. I love the way some girls will approach such events in well-fit leather jackets with knee high boots and short-shorts, giving off this carefree, model-esque, kate moss vibe; whilst others will lean towards bohemian-hippie type styling with incredible hair ornaments and delicious flowing pieces, that make you want to twirl and spin and hold hands with strangers… I love that dark, semi-gothic, rock chick look, teamed with dark lips and dr martins; gosh! I love all the hats! Seriously, so many gorgeous hats, on so many gorgeous human beings, often worn during the day AND the evening (moon burn guys, duh!). I love those simple, white, romantic dresses that so many girls pass dance by in, looking as though they packed nothing more than that one effortless piece, but they are too carefree and cool to care about things as stupid as fashion…


But c’mon ladies, we know your secret… you care - at least a little bit.

Bye bye, my fashion fireflies! x