Oh, what? Its March… 2015 you say? Oh... cool… No sweat.

 The year appears to be swiftly passing by and we are trying to keep our composure here at Studio Agency (The keyword there is trying guys... we’re only human! Fabulous; but human.) Regardless of whether we are tripping out on high-speed passing time or not - There has definitely been a lot of exciting stuff happening in the creative world these past few weeks.

 Fashion month has sadly come to an end and following New York, London and Milan came Paris and it was all the things that dreams are made of. The City Of Lights greeted the fashion world ever so romantically and outshone itself like always, with its inspiring runway design; incredible street style; some ‘really, really good-looking’ models on the runway (Valentino x Zoolander = Ahh-mazing…) and last but not least, truly mesmerizing couture. It definitely drew fashion month to a close, in distinct Parisian style.

 There were definitely more than a few highlights throughout the month, but here are a few of our personal favorites!

Bon Voyage Lovers! xx