Summer Ready Detox

With summer looming we are puling all the stops to ensure that summer body is looking better than ever. Along with regular exercise we have a few (delicious) secrets to help us on our way. Brewing your own infused waters and teas has many benefits from digestion to fat burning and immune defense properties – did we mention that there are also delicious!

Make yourself a large jug and sip on it throughout your day for a healthier alternative to regular juice/coffee/energy drinks.

Here are a few super easy recipes to get you started. 

Slimming tea fusion

2 x cups of chilled green tea

2 x cups of filtered water

1 x small handful of fresh mint leaves

1 x fresh lime sliced

2 x cups of Ice


Blood sugar & digestion

1 x kiwi fruit peeled and sliced

1 x handful of strawberries slices

½ x cucumber sliced

1 x small handful fresh mint leaves

4 x cups of filtered water

2 x cups of ice


Immune defense

1 x lime sliced

1 x lemon sliced

1 x orange sliced

1 x spring of rosemary

4 x cups of water

2 x cups of ice