How To Keep Your Makeup Looking & Feeling Fresh This Summer

The heat is back again for another year and with it comes the difficulty of keeping your makeup looking as perfect as when you first put it on this morning. Melting makeup, smeared eyeliner and sticky lipstick is never a good time so here are some tips to keeping your makeup looking fresh throughout summer. 

Invest In A Primer

Primers are a makeup essential during summer. This step takes only a few seconds to apply and does wonders for you all day long. Primers keep your makeup in place and there are so many on the market to choose from. Some can even double as a moisturiser so you have less layers to put on in the morning. 

Keep Things Light

Less is definitely more in so try to keep the layers as thin and as minimal as you can. Instead of using your normal full coverage foundation, opt for a CC or BB cream. These babies still offer great, buildable coverage but will feel much lighter on your face. Like primers, there are so many on the market now to suit every skin type and coverage need. Some even have sunscreen already added to them which is perfect for protecting your skin during the summer months. 

Have the Essentials On Hand

Carrying a little purse in your bag with a couple of touch up weapons can definitely help keep your makeup looking fresh. A few of our essentials are below. 

Oil Blotting Papers

Nothing is worse than having sweat and excess oil build up and settle into your skin for the rest of the day. These papers instantly remove any excess so you aren’t just applying more makeup over the top of dirty makeup. 


Once you have used some blotting paper to remove any excess oil, putting a bit of extra powder on can really help re-set your makeup back in place. We recommend using a matte powder that matches your skin tone. To keep the layer light, use a brush slightly smaller than your normal powder brush to target those problem areas. This will prevent your makeup from looking cakey. 


Cotton Buds

Cotton buds are perfect to remove any small imperfections. Use them to wipe off any smudged mascara or mistake you may have made whilst touching up. Never underestimate their power to fix a situation. 






Summer Ready Detox

With summer looming we are puling all the stops to ensure that summer body is looking better than ever. Along with regular exercise we have a few (delicious) secrets to help us on our way. Brewing your own infused waters and teas has many benefits from digestion to fat burning and immune defense properties – did we mention that there are also delicious!

Make yourself a large jug and sip on it throughout your day for a healthier alternative to regular juice/coffee/energy drinks.

Here are a few super easy recipes to get you started. 

Slimming tea fusion

2 x cups of chilled green tea

2 x cups of filtered water

1 x small handful of fresh mint leaves

1 x fresh lime sliced

2 x cups of Ice


Blood sugar & digestion

1 x kiwi fruit peeled and sliced

1 x handful of strawberries slices

½ x cucumber sliced

1 x small handful fresh mint leaves

4 x cups of filtered water

2 x cups of ice


Immune defense

1 x lime sliced

1 x lemon sliced

1 x orange sliced

1 x spring of rosemary

4 x cups of water

2 x cups of ice 

Creating the perfect food platter

Seriously delicious (and totally instagrammable) platters are the coolest things right now and we have all the juicy secrets to becoming the ultimate platter queen. This is a great idea to bring some fun to any afternoon event whether it is a cute picnic with your closest girlfriends to bringing some life to your work functions. The trick is to get as creative as possible don't stick to just the basic cheese and crackers add some flowers and feathers to the board, decorate it like crazy! We guarantee you this will be a whole lot of delicious fun!

Shopping List:

  • Cheese cheese cheese- find a variety of cheeses that not only taste different but also don't look alike!!
  • Delicious colourful dips
  • Crackers
  • Fruits- Strawberries, grapes, figs, blueberries and passion fruit
  • Nuts- we go nuts for cashews and almonds!
  • Anything yummy and colourful!

Time to decorate:

  • Locate a huge wooden board to place all your goodies onto.
  • Make it look as organic as possible! This will help you achieve that earthy fresh look that all great platters have.
  • Throw those plastic containers away and find some cute and colourful bowls to hold all your goodies in.
  • Pick some fresh flowers from the garden to decorate, find a gorgeous blanket to place your platter on and get those phones of ready to Instagram!