Accessorizing a Bohemian Chic Wardrobe

Top tips for polishing your Boho style

Famous for its wandering gypsy, natural, romantic, broken down and care free aesthetic Boho Chic has been a style of fashionable dress constantly re-invented and re-created.

The modern aussie boho girl blends her style with classic Boho elements and a coastal, beach aesthetic. Accessorizing can make or break a Boho wardrobe, heres a few key tips to polishing off your boho look.


Silver jewelry typically gives a more organic metal look finish, look for hammered metal bands, embossed prints and chunky set stones. Leather bands, beads, flowers, feather detailing and other natural elements keep a organic vibe flowing.  Bronze and Copper tones are equally amazing.


Textures are indicative of an unfinished look. Leathers, tasseling, tarnished metals and chunky settings push your traveling gypsy feel.


The more the better, gypsy girls love to accessorize. Don’t be afraid to stack a bangle or necklace.


Bright Blue Turquoise stones will make fabulous accent pieces to the earthy brown tones and washed whites we love. Set into silver, perfection.


A well traveled Boho girl has a wealth of cultural influences, look for cultural or religious signifiers. The australian boho girl is known for her beach inspirations. Shell embroidery and sandy tones paired with blue accents over a washed white loose dress, pulled over a bikini is what we love to see!

With the Boho look folding into common styling, don't be afraid to start at mainstream retailers in your search for the right accessories. Try shops that sell culturally specific styles and small boutiques for one off organic pieces.