The Intern Diaries Part 2

From all the movies I had ever watched, my perception of an internship wasn't glamourous. I expected to be making regular coffee trips, stressed and doing all the little jobs that the employees didn't want to do.

However, an internship at Studio Agency was far from this. It was an internship of a lifetime and the best experience that far exceeded my expectations.

I came into this as a way to hopefully cure my confusion about what I want to do with my life. Throughout this experience I never did any coffee runs, nor was I stressed and I was actually doing things that would help me in the future. The girls here are so supportive and regularly check in with you to see how you are going and ask you what you would like to learn. You do real tasks that help the business and learn from people who are so passionate about what they do.

This experience could not have been more inspiring and I could not recommend and internship at Studio enough! 

The Intern Diaries

Why you should Intern at Studio Agency, written by an Intern.

Stare at me straight, and give it to me true. Internships, the all essential stepping-stone to any career in the industry. Our childhood dreams are all grown up - interning at one of the leading fashion agencies in Brisbane.

After twelve magical weeks, my final day has descended, bringing with it tears of sorrow and heartbreak. Raw and real, young and modern, Studio is the place you just want to keep coming back to. They’ll nurture your creative impulses, fulfil your fashion visions, and teach you invaluable lessons, to take with you now and forever. The rest … is up to you.

Let your inner fashion desires take hold, and step into their world, an invitation to learn from their direction and endless opportunities. You can count on having exposure to photo-shoots, styling, design, production, and the online realm – coffee runs not included.

A veteran of the internship world, Studio Agency will forever be my number one. 

I leave fresh and fearless, ready for it all. 



Office Vibes


If heading to office has become a drag or working from home is leaving you uninspired, here are some cool way to pump up the creativity and make working that little bit more enjoyable. 

  1. Add some inspirational quotes and inspiring images to get you through those long conference calls and boring emails 
  2. Comfortable chair, to make sitting for long periods more comfortable
  3. Storage, Storage and more storage, to keep everything in order and not cluttering your desk up too much 

NYFW Street Style Round Up

Fashion Week has just kicked off in New York City and the most fashionable people in the world have stepped out on the streets to be snapped by the street style photographers. As they rush from show to show, presentations to after parties we can catch a glimpse of them through the lens.. here is a round up of the best looks so far.  


Studio Agency Fashion Night

On Thursday the 8th of October, Studio Agency along with Mura Boutique presented the Spring/Summer collections to a gorgeous crowd of fashionistas.

It was a beautiful, balmy night at the Limes Hotel Rooftop Bar; the music was pumping and excitement was in the air as guests began to arrive.

The event begun at 6pm and guests were greeted with awesome VIP goodie bags valued at $99. The gift bags were stocked with amazing treats including herbal tea from @yourtea , coffee scrub from @mrbeanbody, coconut tanning oil from @boco.bodyand lip gloss from @klaracosmetics, Byron Bay Cookies and vouchers from Cherry Blooms and Mura Boutique.

All guests received a delicious cocktail upon arrival and had access to a bar tab throughout the evening.

The fashion show began at 7pm and showcased pieces from Toby Heart Ginger, Love Indie, Girl and the Sun and Mura Boutique.

The models looked beautiful and the show received a fantastic applause. 

We are so thankful to have such an amazing team here at Studio Agency and along with the beautiful girls at Mura Boutique the evening was a great success!