The rainy weather can scare off the happiest of moods. Here is some ideas on how to brighten your rainy weekend. 

  1. Get your pamper on. I’m talking the full mani + pedi, hair mask, face mask and exfoliate. No pamper session is complete without a robe and some tea. 
  2. Clean out your closet. Make some bags to donate all the clothes you don’t wear anymore and to make room for some new season pieces. 
  3. Now you have all this spare room no better time to do a pinch of online shopping and fill that space with with new season pieces. 
  4. Do a Lonely Planet stalk. Nothing better then day dreaming about all the amazing places you can go to. Paris, Morocco, LA, India, Bora Bora and more. Also a great time to plan your next holiday. 
  5. Yoga. No better way to make yourself feel great then to do a little workout. Not only is Yoga super good for you but we all love that little nap at the end. I mean meditation. 
  6. Get baking. Not only do you get to experiment with somethings you’ve never had the chance to make before but you have a delicious treat to reward yourself with at the end. Oh and you get to lick the bowl. don’t forget that part. 
  7. It might be an obvious one but, the cinema. In addition to seeing Finding Dory (or whatever else) think of the popcorn, choc tops and frozen coke. mmmm. 
  8. Check out GOMA and all the amazing exhibits on at any given time. It’s also nice and warm in there. 
  9. Binge watch the new season of Orange is the new Black because watching a full season in one day is the only way to live. 
  10. Practice making cocktail with your friends. They don’t have to taste good as long as they are insta worthy. 

The Friendship Date

I love my friends.

I also love going on dates.


It seems that in past a ‘date’ has only been reserved for romantic interests; only if you want to kiss someone is it acceptable to light some candles, cook them some dinner and finish the night with some star gazing.

I provoke this age-old notion with a WHY?

Whether I am single or in a relationship, my friends are and always will be one of the most important features of my life. So if I want to show them a little lovin’ of the friendship variety, and also am in the mood for a night of food, conversation and star gazing, than goddamn I am going to take my friend on a friendship date. 

But wait, you say, is a friendship date only limited to a night time dinner?

No! I exclaim. A friendship date can range from a totally casual friendship hang at the beach to a full-blown air-balloon sunrise. So to give you some inspiration for you and your bestie, here is a list of our top 10 friendship date ideas.

1.     Simple home cooked meal

Possibly followed by a chick flick and some cheeky dessert… 

2.    Picnic at a scenic lookout

Marvel at the beauty of the earth with good food and great company

3.     Café hopping

Try that café you’ve been talking about going to for so long – then try another! Spend the time with your friend catching up on more than just the basics. 

4.     Drive in movies

Popcorn, chocolate pyjamas in public…. Need I say more?

5.  Beach set up

Okay, so maybe it won’t look quite as spectacular as this – but all you need is a towel, a hat and a book to spend a beautiful day with a beautiful friend.