Brisbane must-see events October

James Street RESORT

RESORT is back for its third installment from October 12 to 15. Take a hike through this year’s urban vacation as we travel headfirst into nature’s own utopia – the James Street National Park. This event celebrates James Street as a creative hub for fashion, lifestyle, art and design influenced by Queensland’s subtropical climate. Each beautiful store has individual offers running on the UP-LATE night (Thursday 13th) including generous discounts, champagne, live music, goodie bags and in-store designer visits. 

BN GIRLS Exhibition & Book Launch

Over the past 12 months, Birsbane babes Dani Marano and Hannah Roche have styled and photographed a series of 27 portraits celebrating creative women throughout Brisbane. Together they have produced a portrait book which features the talented beauties below:

  • Phoebe Paradise
  • Niqui Toldi
  • Patience Hodgson
  • Emily Devers
  • Savannah Van Der Niet
  • Vlada Edirippulige
  • Rachel Burke
  • Mairi Mackinnon
  • Erin Lightfoot
  • Eliza Rogers
  • Jessie Webb
  • Trina Massey
  • Yaseera Moosa
  • Jaala Alex
  • 100% / Chloe Baxter, Grace Stevenson, Lena Molnar
  • Bridie Gillman
  • Bianca Mavrick
  • Wendy Ma
  • Kylie Newton
  • Naomi Blacklock
  • Kitty Danger
  • FOREVR / Sam George-Allen, Kate Mackenzie
  • Elisa Jane Carmichael
  • Jolie Chatfield
  • Laura Patterson
  • Mariam Arcilla
  • Swasthi Iyengar

They are celebrating the release of BNE GIRLS portrait book on the 21st of October at Junky Comics in West End (7-9pm) followed by celebratory drinks at The End bar.  

Valley Fiesta

Valley Fiesta, Brisbane’s free, all-ages festival for music, arts and food, will be held in Fortitude Valley over the weekend of the 28-30 October 2016. Brought to you by Brisbane City Council and now in its 20th year, Valley Fiesta will showcase all of the favourite music events that everyone knows it for.

This years Fiesta will be bigger than ever with more than 50 performers across three main stages, laneway parties, art displays, street parties, world music, food and band competitions.Acts include the likes of:

The Vines, KLP, UV Boi, Harts, Hey Geronimo, These Guy, Jess Kent and many more. 

Mirander’s Post Met Gala Detox

It’s tough stuff being a celebrity, the constant flights, parties, travelling and no one does a post-party rejuvenation like Mirander Kerr. After stepping on the red carpet in a structural Louis Vuitton ensemble and posing for cameras all night, she headed back for some much needed sleep and a morning jump-start routine with healthy eating, meditation and a quick in-room blood pumping workout all before catching a flight back to LA. When it comes to looking your best the day after a big party, Mirander is your girl!

Healthy Winter Eating

Winter is fast approaching and with it comes the dread of putting on the winter weight with comfort eating and little exercise. Although the range of seasonal food is fewer in the winter months here are five tips to kicking those winter cravings and enjoy the food you love

1.     Make the switch from white carbohydrates to wholemeal and wholegrain alternatives

2.     Drink plenty of water during the winter months as air-conditioning and heating can be dehydrating!

3.     One of the best ways to keep healthy this winter is to pack your meals full of protein

4.     Eat your 2 & 5. Most of your diet should consist of fruit and vegetables as they are a good source of important minerals and vitamins

5.     Start your dinner with a bowl of low-calorie soup to help manage your weight and keep warm this winter

Setting Fitness Goals

We all want that perfect body but can’t decide weather to watch the next episode of our favourite TV series or hit the gym. Hitting the gym and getting fit doesn’t need to be a daunting task that requires Arnold Schwarzenegger motivation speeches to get into gear. Here are a few helpful tips to help burn those calories and work towards a healthier you!


Tip 1: Find a gym buddy

There is nothing more helpful than having a friend beside you trying to achieve the same goals. So next time you’re heading to the gym grab a friend 

Tip 2: Mix it up with cardio

People believe the only way to shed the kilos is running for miles until you pass out; next time you’re wanting to engage in cardio, mix it up with mountain climbs, runs along the beach or dancing. 

Tip 3: Everything’s good in moderation

Just because you want to get fit, doesn’t mean you have to cut out all the good things in life. Anything in moderation is good for you so don’t put away the chocolate bars and sweet just yet 

Office Vibes


If heading to office has become a drag or working from home is leaving you uninspired, here are some cool way to pump up the creativity and make working that little bit more enjoyable. 

  1. Add some inspirational quotes and inspiring images to get you through those long conference calls and boring emails 
  2. Comfortable chair, to make sitting for long periods more comfortable
  3. Storage, Storage and more storage, to keep everything in order and not cluttering your desk up too much