No Place Like Home

After all, home is where the heart is. It is where we rest, love, grow and entertain – it is an environment that can shape and influence your outlook on life. For inspirational spaces we look at cozy, luxurious fabrics such as velvets, knits and faux fur for furniture/soft furnishings to give your space a warm inviting feel. We also love printed rugs, personal artworks and thrifted eclectic tables and chairs. Plants are also an amazing addition to your space, not only do they look great and create a more intimate environment but they purify the air, improve productivity and help keep illness at bay!

If you’re new to indoor plants we’ve got a list of the best and easiest species for beginners:

1.    Prayer plant: needs a bright but not directly sun lit room, regular water

2.    Mother in laws tongue: Likes a well lit spot, water when dry

3.    Philodendron (basically indestructible): Likes a well lit spot, water when dry 

4.    Devil’s Ivy: A climber that will grow in dull or light spaces, water when dry 

And Voila! Your space can be your dream home just like that.  

Office Vibes


If heading to office has become a drag or working from home is leaving you uninspired, here are some cool way to pump up the creativity and make working that little bit more enjoyable. 

  1. Add some inspirational quotes and inspiring images to get you through those long conference calls and boring emails 
  2. Comfortable chair, to make sitting for long periods more comfortable
  3. Storage, Storage and more storage, to keep everything in order and not cluttering your desk up too much