Setting Fitness Goals

We all want that perfect body but can’t decide weather to watch the next episode of our favourite TV series or hit the gym. Hitting the gym and getting fit doesn’t need to be a daunting task that requires Arnold Schwarzenegger motivation speeches to get into gear. Here are a few helpful tips to help burn those calories and work towards a healthier you!


Tip 1: Find a gym buddy

There is nothing more helpful than having a friend beside you trying to achieve the same goals. So next time you’re heading to the gym grab a friend 

Tip 2: Mix it up with cardio

People believe the only way to shed the kilos is running for miles until you pass out; next time you’re wanting to engage in cardio, mix it up with mountain climbs, runs along the beach or dancing. 

Tip 3: Everything’s good in moderation

Just because you want to get fit, doesn’t mean you have to cut out all the good things in life. Anything in moderation is good for you so don’t put away the chocolate bars and sweet just yet