Healthy Winter Eating

Winter is fast approaching and with it comes the dread of putting on the winter weight with comfort eating and little exercise. Although the range of seasonal food is fewer in the winter months here are five tips to kicking those winter cravings and enjoy the food you love

1.     Make the switch from white carbohydrates to wholemeal and wholegrain alternatives

2.     Drink plenty of water during the winter months as air-conditioning and heating can be dehydrating!

3.     One of the best ways to keep healthy this winter is to pack your meals full of protein

4.     Eat your 2 & 5. Most of your diet should consist of fruit and vegetables as they are a good source of important minerals and vitamins

5.     Start your dinner with a bowl of low-calorie soup to help manage your weight and keep warm this winter

Creating the perfect food platter

Seriously delicious (and totally instagrammable) platters are the coolest things right now and we have all the juicy secrets to becoming the ultimate platter queen. This is a great idea to bring some fun to any afternoon event whether it is a cute picnic with your closest girlfriends to bringing some life to your work functions. The trick is to get as creative as possible don't stick to just the basic cheese and crackers add some flowers and feathers to the board, decorate it like crazy! We guarantee you this will be a whole lot of delicious fun!

Shopping List:

  • Cheese cheese cheese- find a variety of cheeses that not only taste different but also don't look alike!!
  • Delicious colourful dips
  • Crackers
  • Fruits- Strawberries, grapes, figs, blueberries and passion fruit
  • Nuts- we go nuts for cashews and almonds!
  • Anything yummy and colourful!

Time to decorate:

  • Locate a huge wooden board to place all your goodies onto.
  • Make it look as organic as possible! This will help you achieve that earthy fresh look that all great platters have.
  • Throw those plastic containers away and find some cute and colourful bowls to hold all your goodies in.
  • Pick some fresh flowers from the garden to decorate, find a gorgeous blanket to place your platter on and get those phones of ready to Instagram!  

The Friendship Date

I love my friends.

I also love going on dates.


It seems that in past a ‘date’ has only been reserved for romantic interests; only if you want to kiss someone is it acceptable to light some candles, cook them some dinner and finish the night with some star gazing.

I provoke this age-old notion with a WHY?

Whether I am single or in a relationship, my friends are and always will be one of the most important features of my life. So if I want to show them a little lovin’ of the friendship variety, and also am in the mood for a night of food, conversation and star gazing, than goddamn I am going to take my friend on a friendship date. 

But wait, you say, is a friendship date only limited to a night time dinner?

No! I exclaim. A friendship date can range from a totally casual friendship hang at the beach to a full-blown air-balloon sunrise. So to give you some inspiration for you and your bestie, here is a list of our top 10 friendship date ideas.

1.     Simple home cooked meal

Possibly followed by a chick flick and some cheeky dessert… 

2.    Picnic at a scenic lookout

Marvel at the beauty of the earth with good food and great company

3.     Café hopping

Try that café you’ve been talking about going to for so long – then try another! Spend the time with your friend catching up on more than just the basics. 

4.     Drive in movies

Popcorn, chocolate pyjamas in public…. Need I say more?

5.  Beach set up

Okay, so maybe it won’t look quite as spectacular as this – but all you need is a towel, a hat and a book to spend a beautiful day with a beautiful friend.