Summer is fast approaching and along with the amazing weather comes the perfect atmosphere for romantic dates beside our iconic river. You may be just starting to get to know someone or you may already be in a relationship. Regardless, these spots are perfect for spending time with that special someone.

1. New Farm Park

This park is huge so you will definitely not be short of places to have a romantic picnic. Grab some cheese and wine from one of the local stores and take a seat next to the river and enjoy the amazing sunset hues Brisbane has to offer. 

2. The Jazz Club 

Something a little bit different but definitely worth checking out! The Jazz Club sits right next to the Story Bridge offers the perfect atmosphere to kick back and listen to some amazing Brisbane talent. 

3. Cliffs Cafe 

If you are looking for something a little more casual, the Cliffs Café in Kangaroo Point is sure to be your thing. They offer amazing views of Brisbane and is the perfect place for a meal or a lazy afternoon drink. 

4. Alechmy Restaurant & Bar

This spot is perfect for that special occasion. Treat yourself to an evening of fine dining experience and one of the best views of the Story Bridge. 

5. Wheel of Brisbane 

Nothing says romantic like a Ferris wheel ride. Luckily for us, we have one in the heart of the city that offers panoramic views of the city. Take a quick ride after dinner in South Bank or better yet, hire a carriage out and have wine and cheese as you watch the world go by. 

The Friendship Date

I love my friends.

I also love going on dates.


It seems that in past a ‘date’ has only been reserved for romantic interests; only if you want to kiss someone is it acceptable to light some candles, cook them some dinner and finish the night with some star gazing.

I provoke this age-old notion with a WHY?

Whether I am single or in a relationship, my friends are and always will be one of the most important features of my life. So if I want to show them a little lovin’ of the friendship variety, and also am in the mood for a night of food, conversation and star gazing, than goddamn I am going to take my friend on a friendship date. 

But wait, you say, is a friendship date only limited to a night time dinner?

No! I exclaim. A friendship date can range from a totally casual friendship hang at the beach to a full-blown air-balloon sunrise. So to give you some inspiration for you and your bestie, here is a list of our top 10 friendship date ideas.

1.     Simple home cooked meal

Possibly followed by a chick flick and some cheeky dessert… 

2.    Picnic at a scenic lookout

Marvel at the beauty of the earth with good food and great company

3.     Café hopping

Try that café you’ve been talking about going to for so long – then try another! Spend the time with your friend catching up on more than just the basics. 

4.     Drive in movies

Popcorn, chocolate pyjamas in public…. Need I say more?

5.  Beach set up

Okay, so maybe it won’t look quite as spectacular as this – but all you need is a towel, a hat and a book to spend a beautiful day with a beautiful friend.