Boho Festival Camping

Festival season is well under way and that means camping! It usually is a very unfashionable time that involves a lot of mud, dirt and mess! Well we have decided this year we are going to dress up our campsites boho style and here are some tip we have for you to do the same. Bring some fake plants to add life, colourful rugs and sheets to hang up, lots and lots of cute cushions and pillows, candles and then finally good vibes.

Creating the perfect food platter

Seriously delicious (and totally instagrammable) platters are the coolest things right now and we have all the juicy secrets to becoming the ultimate platter queen. This is a great idea to bring some fun to any afternoon event whether it is a cute picnic with your closest girlfriends to bringing some life to your work functions. The trick is to get as creative as possible don't stick to just the basic cheese and crackers add some flowers and feathers to the board, decorate it like crazy! We guarantee you this will be a whole lot of delicious fun!

Shopping List:

  • Cheese cheese cheese- find a variety of cheeses that not only taste different but also don't look alike!!
  • Delicious colourful dips
  • Crackers
  • Fruits- Strawberries, grapes, figs, blueberries and passion fruit
  • Nuts- we go nuts for cashews and almonds!
  • Anything yummy and colourful!

Time to decorate:

  • Locate a huge wooden board to place all your goodies onto.
  • Make it look as organic as possible! This will help you achieve that earthy fresh look that all great platters have.
  • Throw those plastic containers away and find some cute and colourful bowls to hold all your goodies in.
  • Pick some fresh flowers from the garden to decorate, find a gorgeous blanket to place your platter on and get those phones of ready to Instagram!  

Contouring for beginners - Guiding us to that Kim K flawless skin

Most of our favourite celebs have personal makeup up artists to paint on flawless skin on the daily, it's jealousy inducing and generally just rude to look that good going to morning brunch with the girl squad. 

We’ve thrown together a few of our favourite tips and products to help us keep up!

Contouring a face enhances the natural features. Dark colours re-define natural shadows under the cheek / jaw bones while lighter colours rest on top of the structures we want to push forward, like the check / brow bones. While daunting, if done correcting a perfect contour can slice into the natural face, slimming and making your check bones Angelina-esq.

The easiest method is to powder contour on top of our normal foundation. Dark warm tones for the shadows we want to create, and light shimmery colours for the highlights. Most counter makeup brands can hook you up with a single powder palette and brush to get you started. 

Youtube tutorials are amazing to help fill in some blanks and help get you on your way to Angelina cheek fantasy. 

The harder, more Kim K method is to cream contour. Using creams, rather then powders, makeup artists blend foundation colours on the face to achieve their contour, and then redefine further with powders. Its cheating really.