No Place Like Home

After all, home is where the heart is. It is where we rest, love, grow and entertain – it is an environment that can shape and influence your outlook on life. For inspirational spaces we look at cozy, luxurious fabrics such as velvets, knits and faux fur for furniture/soft furnishings to give your space a warm inviting feel. We also love printed rugs, personal artworks and thrifted eclectic tables and chairs. Plants are also an amazing addition to your space, not only do they look great and create a more intimate environment but they purify the air, improve productivity and help keep illness at bay!

If you’re new to indoor plants we’ve got a list of the best and easiest species for beginners:

1.    Prayer plant: needs a bright but not directly sun lit room, regular water

2.    Mother in laws tongue: Likes a well lit spot, water when dry

3.    Philodendron (basically indestructible): Likes a well lit spot, water when dry 

4.    Devil’s Ivy: A climber that will grow in dull or light spaces, water when dry 

And Voila! Your space can be your dream home just like that.  

Boho Festival Camping

Festival season is well under way and that means camping! It usually is a very unfashionable time that involves a lot of mud, dirt and mess! Well we have decided this year we are going to dress up our campsites boho style and here are some tip we have for you to do the same. Bring some fake plants to add life, colourful rugs and sheets to hang up, lots and lots of cute cushions and pillows, candles and then finally good vibes.

Fashion Festival Musts!

Coachella is kicking off this festival season so we have decided to let you girls know the latest and greatest trends to make you festival ready! One of the biggest trends right now is glitter and lots of it! Sprinkle it in your hair, face or really anywhere! This is such a fun and cute idea you are your girlfriends can go crazy with! Another trend we love is lace and crochet outfits! Our Toby Heart Ginger Bohemia Wrap Set is perfect for this trend. Braids in your hair and felt hats are also musts for any festival! 



Accessorizing a Bohemian Chic Wardrobe

Top tips for polishing your Boho style

Famous for its wandering gypsy, natural, romantic, broken down and care free aesthetic Boho Chic has been a style of fashionable dress constantly re-invented and re-created.

The modern aussie boho girl blends her style with classic Boho elements and a coastal, beach aesthetic. Accessorizing can make or break a Boho wardrobe, heres a few key tips to polishing off your boho look.


Silver jewelry typically gives a more organic metal look finish, look for hammered metal bands, embossed prints and chunky set stones. Leather bands, beads, flowers, feather detailing and other natural elements keep a organic vibe flowing.  Bronze and Copper tones are equally amazing.


Textures are indicative of an unfinished look. Leathers, tasseling, tarnished metals and chunky settings push your traveling gypsy feel.


The more the better, gypsy girls love to accessorize. Don’t be afraid to stack a bangle or necklace.


Bright Blue Turquoise stones will make fabulous accent pieces to the earthy brown tones and washed whites we love. Set into silver, perfection.


A well traveled Boho girl has a wealth of cultural influences, look for cultural or religious signifiers. The australian boho girl is known for her beach inspirations. Shell embroidery and sandy tones paired with blue accents over a washed white loose dress, pulled over a bikini is what we love to see!

With the Boho look folding into common styling, don't be afraid to start at mainstream retailers in your search for the right accessories. Try shops that sell culturally specific styles and small boutiques for one off organic pieces.