Elizabeth Debicki’s school for the 60’s Villainess

5 Lessons in rocking a mod outfit

Known for her portrayal of the poised fashionista Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby, australian actress Elizabeth Debicki’s new flick The Name From UNCLE sees the actress decade jump to the 60’s to play the films beautiful and deadly villainess.

Her bold, poised and graceful on screen performance is equalled by her characters fabulous aristocratic 60’s wardrobe. Packed with high contrast mod prints, elegant silhouettes and enough wide leg pant suits for everyone, she shows us how to rock the mod look without looking dated and shapeless.

1         High waisted, wide leg fitted pants in a light drape material are your friend when it     comes to graceful and elongated legs. Keep your upper torso fitted to redefine and   slender your shape.

2         A bold, monochromatic black and white palette is perfect for making a timeless &     elegant statement. Stick to your black and white guns, play with different textures   and finishes.

3         Head wraps / scarves / bands add a kitsch touch to an outfit (Hair in the face while     planning mass genocide isn’t cute).

4         High contrast colour & shape blocking is indicative of a 60’s look, try for boxy            shapes & panelling, simplify and pull back for a minimal, clean yet bold finish. An open Cape Blazer blocks out a modern masculine silhouette, yet reveals a     feminine shape.

5         Kitschy prints like zebra can make amazing feature pieces.  Let these garments        lead your outfit, keep the rest clean and crisp.