The Intern Diaries

Why you should Intern at Studio Agency, written by an Intern.

Stare at me straight, and give it to me true. Internships, the all essential stepping-stone to any career in the industry. Our childhood dreams are all grown up - interning at one of the leading fashion agencies in Brisbane.

After twelve magical weeks, my final day has descended, bringing with it tears of sorrow and heartbreak. Raw and real, young and modern, Studio is the place you just want to keep coming back to. They’ll nurture your creative impulses, fulfil your fashion visions, and teach you invaluable lessons, to take with you now and forever. The rest … is up to you.

Let your inner fashion desires take hold, and step into their world, an invitation to learn from their direction and endless opportunities. You can count on having exposure to photo-shoots, styling, design, production, and the online realm – coffee runs not included.

A veteran of the internship world, Studio Agency will forever be my number one. 

I leave fresh and fearless, ready for it all.