Fashion gets personal: The pieces you can personalise.

Fashion is getting more personal then ever before. Their are now a number of brands that will put your name on pieces so its as if it was made just for you. If your like me and have a name with unusual spelling and have never owned a keychain or mug with your name on it in your life, this is especially exciting. 


Eoniq Design - Eoniq Design allows you to create your own custom watches down to the smallest details. this includes everything from the watch hands, the watch face (both top and bottom), wind type (hand-wound or automatic), engaging and more. 


Sarah Chloe - Sarah Chloe does everything from bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, cufflinks and a number of finer jewellery option all which come in a range of colours and styles. 


Edie Parker - Make your clutch represent you or your mood. You can pick not just the text but the colour, font, but also from a number of styles. They also do trays. 

Apparel, Bags and Fragrance. 

Burberry - You have probably seen the many clubs getting around with their monogramed Burberry scars which we fall sleep thinking about. But to add to your dreams Burberry also do Rucksacks, pouches, ponchos, fragrances and their iconic trench coats. 


Jasmine and Will - Offering a range of mens, womens and children pyjamas that look super lux and comfy. We need these asap and then a full Sunday in bed please. 

Bags and Accessories. 

The Daily Edited - You have probably heard of them and see them on Insta. They offer a range of men and womens accessories including wash bags, a range of bags, travel accessories, phone cases, key rings (yes finally!) and so much more. 

Mon Purse - Customise your own bag by designing it from start to monogram. Picking everything from the style, colour, lining to studs it will truely be YOURS.