Our love for indoor plants continues...

We have already blogged about how much we are loving indoor plants but lets be real, plants are so hard to grow! We have decided to help you girls out by putting together a list of the perfect plants to grow indoors.

1. Pothos- Hands down the prettiest plant. Requires no effort at all, simply keep in water and they will grow like crazy. They also make for perfect hanging plants.

2. Fiddle Leaf Fig- These guys have so much character and bring life to any room. Also another great bonus is that they only need water when they are looking dry yay!

3. Rubber Plant- Now this is our kind of plant, they only need water for half the year. Also terracotta pots work so well with showing off the plants glossy green leaves, really makes them POP!

4. Succulents- Require no effort at all and are almost impossible to kill. Such an adorable plant we really can't get enough of them.