Crafternoon Inspiration

It’s a Sunday afternoon, the sun is out, and you’ve got a refreshing mojito in your hand, surrounded by a group of talented gal-pals. What a perfect setting for my favourite type of gathering, a crafternoon. Here are some foolproof ideas that would suit from a beginner to a seasoned crafternooner. 

1.     The super easy and super effective tassel garland!

This one is always a winner; all you need is assorted colours of crepe paper and metallic foil paper, scissors and some brown twine. Begin by cutting the paper into long strips that are about 2-3cm wide and as long as double the length of your desired tassel (i.e. 10cm tassel means 20cm strips). Lay all of your strips out in their own colours (or you can make multi coloured if you prefer) grab the half way point and wrap it around a long piece (total length you are after) of twine then fasten the strips by wrapping a small piece of twine around the head of your new tassel and knotting.

Easy as that, now continue making them until you reach your desired amount/combo of colours. Here are some pictures of how we would style ours. 


2.     Flower Framing

This project required a little foresight with the preparation but these pressed flowers are a beautiful way to preserve the magnificence of nature in your home. If you don’t have glass frames, this project is still very effective in a regular frame backed with white card. All you need to do is gather a bunch of wild flowers, or old flowers gifted to you (mustn’t be large blooms as they don’t press well, think small flowers and foliage), place flowers inside a heavy book and place a large weight on top of the book – leave for one to two weeks in a cool dry place.  Once dried, place flowers in your frames and voile – done! 

3.     Macrame plant hanger

You’ve all seen them, they look fab, now you can make one of your own! I have tried a few online tutorials for this project and this is the best video I found, it really takes you through step by step, it looks a little more complicated than some other versions, but trust me it pays off in the end. This DIY should take you about 1-2 hours to complete. All you need is a few bundles of rope, either in a neutral tone or multi colours, you can buy this is craft shops and hardware stores. You will also need assorted bolts/beads, D-ring and a hook, all of which are available at your local hardware store. Here is a picture of my finished product and some other (more) inspiring versions!