Bahagia means HAPPINESS in Indonesian. Brazilian born Camila Felizardo started Bahagia Jewellery making all pieces from her home in Australia in 2006. A qualified Silversmith and self thought artisan in many other techniques Camila relocated to Bali with her young family when the demand for her one of a kind exclusive pieces became impossible to handle on her own.

From her Jewellery Studio in Bali, Camila finds no lack of inspiration and still has her hands on every piece making all prototypes and samples as well as one of a kind pieces.

Every Bahagia piece is then finalized and perfected by a team of local artists on a small scale production.

Influenced by a diversity of languages, cultures and places through her travels Camila follows a wandering lifestyle always evolving and searching for new materials and techniques to adapt to her signature style and unique approach to making jewellery.

"The Bahagia girl loves traveling to exotic places around the globe and treasures her finds. She wears her jewellery more like tokens of memory than simply adornment "